Friday, 6 July 2012

Fave Fives

Sooo, here's just 5 things that make me happy. Nothing specific, no rules, just 5 random things. Let's start with numero uno...

1. Hollywood Regency Style

WOWZA, those are some beautiful spaces... Seriously, if I were a style, I would be hollywood regency.
 2. Coffee Table Books

I've read Domino- The Book of Style, and it was so well written and had some great pictures, plus the cover is like a work of art. Too bad coffee table books are so expensive, if not, I would buy myself Paris in Color as well!
 3. The Outdoors Inside

 4. Fashion Illustration

Someone better grab these, or I may have to...
 5. Girly Glam

Gotta love blush colors and blingbling!

All photos from pinterest.


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