Sunday, 8 July 2012

My Week on Camera

I thought I would copy Macleans magazine and post my week in photos every sunday. Yeah, the level of photography is nowhere near as great, but dont hate. Just enjoy. So, voila the first post in this series...

I snuck into my neighbor's garden to take this photo...shhhh
For sure going to use this as color palette inspiration.


Got this great Bird Cafe from

I read about this teacup flower arrangement in the amazing book Design Sponge at Home, written by Grace Bonney over at the very very popular blog


Worked out pretty well, eh?  

So. Freaking. Excited. Agate bookend= $15 from

My latest DIY venture: spray painting a horribly tacky elephant from a thrift store with high gloss black laqueur

I recently painted my bathroom a crisp white, but it needed some more color, so I picked up this fantastic print by Amy Sia from Society 6, as well as a cotton candy pink buddha


Still not sure whether the buddha was a good idea..I feel like hes laughing at me while Im doing my business...
On a completely different note: got this tasty lip balm from
Yum yummm


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