Monday, 17 June 2013

My prom...

Well, it sure has been a while! I'm super excited to share my prom look, which I will be wearing next Friday for my graduation dinner/dance. I've got amazzzing news regarding my after-graduation plans, which I will be sharing in my next post.. all I can say is that for the first time ever, I can't wait until summer is over!
So the look I'm going for is a 20's, Great Gatsby inspired ensemble. I've bought everything and couldn't be more ecstatic to see how it comes together on the day of prom!
First some inspiration shots for my look..

Basically, I'm going for lots of art deco style bling- very glamorous.
Now for the interpretation of the look which I will be rocking..

Sorry for the tiny size, but you get the idea. Dress is by the amazing
Tadashi Shoji and was found on sale for 200$ - happy girl!
The up-do I'm using as inspiration is this slick 20's style..

I'm also asking my stylist to incorporate a lovely old brooch that has been passed down through my family. I did a little DIY and glued it onto a hair pin, so I'm thinking it could be clipped into the back to add a touch of sparkle.
Next comes the makeup, which I am doing myself (eek!). I found a youtube tutorial of makeup inspired by Lana Del Rey, one of my favorite artists. I tried it out on myself the other night, and I must say, its fabulous ;)

Tomorrow I am going to the florist's to give her an idea of what a want for my wrist corsage. I'm thinking blushy pink roses, with some nice greenery, and maybe even a feather thrown in there.

Lastly (and sorry for this long rant) comes my nails! I went for a French gel manicure but with a twist.. black tips!

All in all I'm pretty psyched. For those of you who have seen the Great Gatsby movie, which I absolutely LOVED, I'm expecting the night to go down like one of Mr. Gatsby's insane parties. A bit unrealistic? Yea.. but a girl can dream :)




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